Play is the highest form of research
— Albert Einstein

The Idea

What if play dough could be more than play dough? Play doughs of all kinds have been a kid favorite for generations. It is an ideal open ended play option with multi-sensory engagement. Yaydough is the marrying of two passions, aromatherapy and play-based learning. Ms. Kay started making Yaydough in 2007 for her students at Orange Tea school, a small preschool in Seattle, WA. It was always a class favorite and over the years families kept saying, “when are you going to set up a shop?” Well, now with 12 years of product research and testing Kay is ready to share her magical creations with you.

Our Product

Yaydough is a premium, therapy-grade dough. The base recipe is all organic. The colorants are 100% natural and safe. The essential oils are organic or wild-crafted by a local Seattle company.

100% Handmade With Love

Every batch is handmade with love in Seattle.